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working collaborative – but how?

“The network is opening up some amazing possibilities for us to reinvent content, reinvent collaboration.”

-Tim O’Reilly

Today, cloud computing, distributed applications, mobile devices, and virtual environments are changing how people interact and work together. This course will explore current networking tools and how to use them effectively

In times of cloud computing, mobile devices, virtual environments much more, people or constantly connected. This digital transformation is changing the way we live – but what effects does it have on our work environment and the way we collaborate? There are all sorts of platforms to share media, photos experiences and much more – but are there also platforms that allow you to work together more effectivly within a team?

Throughout this course we will explore modern project management approaches including the philosophies behind them. Building on that knowlege base, we will analyse the available software tools and platforms to support modern project managment. Within a series of tests some of them will be reviewed to come to a conclusion.

This blog has been created to share our experiences and know how through out the course. In short posts you can explore our content and go through the course as we did, learning about collaboration in networks.


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